About Pantac USA Online Store

Our Mission –

Our mission is simple – provide THE most durable and THE highest quality products in the industry at prices that are affordable in today’s trying economic times.  That’s it!



Who we are and what we stand for –


Pantac USA is a family-owned full-line tactical gear manufacturer and distributor located in Lewis Center Ohio.

We are committed to our principles.  We won’t sacrifice quality controls, durability, materials, or workmanship, just to save a few pennies or dollars.  If we let-our-guard-down or ‘cut corners’ just to make a buck, we’re letting our end-users down and possibly putting them at greater risk due to equipment failure.  We simply won’t do that because our products are being relied upon, by you – the user, to hold up to the stresses put upon them. 
We are committed to our customers.  We know that you demand high-quality and durable products that aren’t going to fail when needed most.  That’s why we stand behind our products and offer a Lifetime Warranty.


The Pantac USA commitment starts by sourcing quality materials and demanding unsurpassed workmanship.  We manage our own US nationwide logistic and support network with customer service, distribution, and end-user support.  This streamlined model enables us to extend our quality pledge far beyond the factory floor.


Our Materials and Products –


Fabrics –

We use 1000Denier INVISTA Cordura®, treated with DuPont Teflon®, because of the unsurpassed durability with regard to abrasion resistance and water repellent properties in a light-weight material.  With the recent trend shifting to even lighter weight materials, such as 500Denier INVISTA Cordura®, we offer that for our more advanced camouflage options – A-TACS AU, and Desert Digital – as well as most of our Made in USA products.


What is one of the biggest complaints about sewn nylon gear in this industry?  That’s right, the stitching.

We’ve heard the stories or the comments from customers about their previous purchases of someone else’s gear and how the stitching has failed. 
I’m here to tell you that we take our reinforced stitching seriously.  We’re not going to use just any ‘ole thread, our thread is robust and strong.  We’re also not going to skimp on where and how we stitch our products together, either.   I challenge you to find better stitching anywhere on anyone else’s gear.


Hardware –

We use ITW® hardware, UTX® buckles, and YKK® zippers, because these are the best.