Adaptive Combat Belt (Large)

Designed to provide plenty of carrying capability while not sacrificing movement and adaptability.   At 4 ½” wide, this belt is perfect for 3-gun and IPSC competitions, training courses, days at the range, and even combat missions


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Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), Black
Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), Coyote Brown
Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), Olive Drab
Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), Ranger Green
Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), A-TACS
Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), Desert Digital
Adaptive Combat Belt (Large), Multicam

NTOA-Approved with a test score of 4.9/5.0!!


Taking cues from shooters and gunfighters worldwide, we’ve designed our new combat belt to be completely mission-adaptable while not sacrificing movement or carrying capability.

     »  Careful segmentation allows inner belt to be weaved externally as needed, for example to attach holsters.
     »  Compatible with other duty belts, including our very popular, ultra-rigid COBRA belt.
     »  Access panel for soft armor installation (available separately, up to NIJ Level-3A.  Contact us for pricing.)
     »  A basic inner belt is included but removable.


At 4½” wide, this belt is perfect for shifting heavy loads from your chest rig/armor carrier, thus taking weight away from your shoulder.  The backpacking community has long exploited the fact that hips are much better load-carrier, but in practice this improves our troop's fighting capabilities in even more aspects than just comfort.

     Better Endurance: Hips are stronger than shoulder, and can carry much more weights comfortably for longer period of time.
     Better Balance: By lowering the center of gravity, thus improving agility.
     Better Aim: Relocate MOLLE components from the main plate carrier, allowing smaller plate carrying system to improve range of movement.
     Better Mobility: Combat Belts can be easily doffed when mounting vehicles.


The Adaptive Combat Belt is designed to place all of the weight of the load on the hips – where it should be – so there is no need for attaching suspenders.

Other Uses

Besides the battlefield, our combat belt has also found many uses at home:  among 3-gun competitors, a day at the range, and even training classes.   The highly modular nature allows near infinite configuration, and its low-key, low-profile design won't raise any eyebrows even if you were to practice some quick-reloads at your local public range.

How to measure for the proper fit

Load-bearing combat belts are worn (and thus sized) differently than dress belts, thus the measurement is not taken at the waist line.  To measure proper fit, wrap a flexible tape measure around the top of your hips, where you can feel your iliac crest (prominent hip bone).  Measure from the left to the right iliac crest around your back, then choose the belt sized at least 2" longer than that number.

A properly fit hip belt should straddle your iliac crest, sitting about an inch above and below your “latitude line", with a 4" to 6" gap at the front.  If you are between sizes and prefer to maximize MOLLE real estate, go with the larger size as long as it's total "padded length" is still shorter than your waist size.  This should leave enough gap for the buckle.

*Be sure to measure over your clothes to ensure a proper fit.

Size Padded Length Recommended Left to right iliac crest measurement
Small 26.50 inch (67 cm) 18 - 24 inch (46 - 61 cm)
Medium 32.25 inch (82 cm) 24 - 30 inch (61 - 76 cm)
Large 38.50 inch (98 cm) 30 - 36 inch (76 - 91 cm)
Extra Large     45.00 inch (114 cm)     36 - 42 inch (97 - 107 cm)
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