PDG Armored Slingshot™ Gen-2 / "Silverback"

The popular PDG Slingshot™ Armor Carrier can now be purchased with DKX ultralight armor bundled! Studies found that officers who regularly wear body armor are 3.4 times more likely to survive a torso shot. Our translation? whoever show up at a gun fight with armor is more likely to win (and live). When the PDG Slingshot™ can be outfitted with an armor so light that you barely notice it, why wouldn't you?

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When you conceal carry a pistol, you are in essence preparing yourself to face a life-threatening scenario. If you are going to be facing a lift-threatening scenario, why not put some safeguards on your own protection??

Introducing the industry's first armor carrier that is designed for concealed carry. There have been many attempts in the past for every day armor carrying, but most often than not the armor is in the wrong place - behind you in a rucksack, sits too low towards your abdomen, etc. The Slingshot™, on the other hand, is designed to place the body armor as close to the ideal position as possible. When deployed properly, it will provide good coverage over key vital organs.

Now in it's 2nd generation, a new color scheme and tweaked external features further blend this armor carrier in with every-day use. Furthermore, having worked with DKX extensively, now you can purchase the PDG Slingshot™ with the DKX IIIA armor pre-packaged!

We selected DKX IIIA due to it's exceptional durability and lightweight - armor that's too heavy got left at home, which offers no protection at all. Also, you shouldn't take a pistol to a rifle fight, thus in our opinion IIIA armors that stops most pistol rounds are the perfect companion for the Slingshot™. The DKX armor also gives good rigidity to the Slingshot™, providing it with a even more solid feel. And last but not least, even if you had to go up against a rifle, any armor is better than no armor at all - even if it means just to stop a ricochet from drilling a hole in your chest. Choose wisely and save lives! Choose the Slingshot™ and DKX combo!

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